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Advanced Technical Products has been manufacturing and formulating protective coatings for over 35 years. Serving the foundry, forging, heat treating and primary metals industries. ATP coatings protect and lubricate both ferrous and non-ferrous metals over a wide range of temperatures and atmospheres.

CSZ srl is the Exclusive Distributor for Europe.


Best Quality Water Based Coatings and Lubrificants

Protective Coatings for Metals

Protective Coatings for Metals

The water-based coatings are applied prior to heating for rolling, forging, hot-extruding, annealing or other heat treatments.

Stop-Off metal surface coatings

Stop-Off metal surface coatings

Innovative group of water-based heat treating stop-off coatings to control surface hardening of ferrous metals.

Water-based lubricants for forges

Water-based lubricants for forges

An advanced group of water-based, lead-free coatings specifically formulated to protect, insulate, and lubricate metals during forging and other hot working operations.

Borosilicate glass for extrusion

Borosilicate glass for extrusion

ATP extrusion glasses are a type of glass that is used to protect and lubricate metals during the hot extrusion process. They can help improve the quality of the extruded product and extend the life of the extrusion die.

Boron Nitride Coatings

Boron Nitride Coatings

ATP Europe offers a range of Boron Nitride coatings that are versatile and offer excellent protection and lubrication for a variety of materials and applications.

Marking Paints & Stencils

Marking Paints & Stencils

ATP offers a line of water-based identification paints and inks for both hot and cold marking applications. Our products are formulated to apply solid, legible marks over a wide range of temperatures and materials.


Our mission is to protect, lubricate, and identify metals and other surfaces across various industrial sectors. We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Discover the distinctive advantages of ATP.

Easy to Apply

Fairly Priced

Traceability of Metals & Other substrates

Custom Formed

Hight Temperature Protect & Lubricant

Environmentally Friendly

Serves a Variety of Industries

Identification of Metals & Other Substrates

Industry Served

  • Aerospace Industries

    ATP has developed a variety of advanced aerospace coatings tailored to enhance the performance, durability, and efficiency of aerospace components across diverse operating conditions. Our aerospace coatings effectively mitigate wear, safeguard against environmental factors, and optimize critical processes. These coatings are meticulously engineered to address challenges specific to the aerospace industry. They offer superior resistance to extreme temperatures, combat corrosion, and ensure prolonged structural integrity. Whether for aircraft fuselage, engine components, or critical mechanisms, ATP's aerospace coatings are meticulously formulated to elevate aerospace systems' overall reliability, longevity, and operational excellence. Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that our coatings play a pivotal role in achieving peak aerospace performance.

    Aerospace Industries
  • Forging

    Advanced Technical Products’ coatings can endure the intense heat the forging process requires. Oxy-Shield Coatings are advanced, water-based, non-hazardous and cost effective metal and graphite protection systems. They are formulated to protect metals and alloys from oxidizing or contaminating atmospheres at high temperatures for extended times. The coatings prevent the diffusion of gases.

  • Foundry & Casting

    Foundries have the potential to engage with a variety of metal substances. A primary incentive for businesses within the Foundry sector to opt for Advanced Technical Products when seeking top-notch coatings lies in our ability to provide coatings capable of enduring exceptionally high temperatures. In the process of manufacturing their metallic goods, all our clients seek and deserve nothing but the utmost quality.

    Foundry & Casting
  • Heat treatments

    Heat treatments are thermal processes applied to materials such as metals and alloys to modify their physical and mechanical properties. Heat treatments of metals are performed by controlling temperatures, heating, and cooling times to achieve certain desired characteristics in the material. The goal of heat treatments of materials is to optimize the mechanical, thermal, or magnetic properties of metals to meet specific design and use needs. The applications of metal heat treatments are suitable for various tools, for example, they are used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the production of mechanical components, hardware, tools, and other metal products.

    Heat treatments
  • Titanium Industries

    ATP has developed an assortment of glass coatings designed to thermally insulate, safeguard, and offer lubrication to Titanium alloys across an extensive spectrum of temperatures. These coatings from ATP regulate the creation of alpha case, eradicate the infiltration of hydrogen, and deliver exceptional lubricating properties during the stages of forging and extrusion.

    Titanium Industries

CSZ srl,
Exclusive Distributor for Europe

CSZ Srl, located in Italy, is a prominent company serving as the exclusive distributor of Advanced Technical Products Supply Co., Inc for Europe. With a strong focus on advanced technical solutions, CSZ Srl brings a diverse range of cutting-edge products to the European market. As a trusted partner, they strive to provide exceptional customer service and reliable distribution channels to ensure the seamless supply of high-quality technical products across various industries. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, CSZ Srl is committed to meeting the unique needs of their clients and driving innovation throughout Europe.

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