Aluminum paint for high temperature treatments

Aluminum is a widely used material in many industries due to its properties of light weight, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. However, in applications involving high temperatures, it is essential to protect it properly to maintain its optimal performance. High-temperature aluminum paint offers an effective solution for this purpose, providing protection and durability even under extreme conditions. In this article, we will explore the benefits and applications of thermal paints for aluminum, as well as specific solutions offered by ATP Europe.

Why use a high temperature resistant aluminum paint?

The use of high-temperature resistant paints on aluminum surfaces is essential in many industrial applications. These paints are designed to protect aluminum from thermal damage, oxidation, and other forms of degradation that can occur when the metal is exposed to high temperatures.

Advantages and benefits of aluminum high temperature paint

  1. Heat Resistance: Anodized aluminum paints can withstand extreme temperatures without degrading or losing effectiveness, ensuring that the underlying metal remains protected.
  2. Corrosion Prevention: Exposure to high temperatures can accelerate the oxidation process of aluminum. High-temperature aluminum paints form a protective barrier that prevents corrosion, prolonging the life of the metal.
  3. Performance Enhancement: By protecting aluminum from thermal stress and corrosion, thermal paints help maintain the mechanical and structural properties of the metal, ensuring consistent performance.

What are ATP Europe’s high-temperature aluminum coatings?

ATP Europe offers several types of specialized coatings designed to protect aluminum under high temperature conditions. These products are formulated to withstand extreme temperatures while maintaining the metal’s integrity and performance. 

Borosilicate glass for extrusion: ATP 851

Product ATP 851 is a borosilicate glass-based high-temperature aluminum coating ideal for high-temperature extrusion applications. This innovative coating, with a temperature range of 480°C – 510°C, offers exceptional insulating and lubricating properties, protecting aluminum alloys from the damaging effects of high temperatures and mechanical wear.

Boron nitride coatings: ATP R70

ATP R70 coating, based on boron nitride, is designed to provide superior protection against high temperatures. This product is particularly effective in preventing corrosion and oxidation of aluminum, maintaining its mechanical properties even under thermal stress. It is suitable for the aluminum extrusion process under a wide range of conditions, from oxidizing to inert environments. The temperature ranges in particular vary according to this scheme oxidizing atmosphere – ambient – 982°C | vacuum – ambient – 1399°C | inert – ambient – 1816°C.

Metal Marking: Metal Mark 7A

Metal Mark 7A paint is specifically designed for metal marking. In addition to withstanding high temperatures, this product provides durable and clear marking, which is essential for the identification and traceability of metal components.

Customized solutions for specific needs

ATP Europe understands that each application can present unique needs. For this reason, the company offers customized solutions to meet specific requirements-whether for particular operating conditions or performance requirements, ATP Europe works closely with customers to develop the ideal aluminium paint for each need.

vernice per alluminio anodizzato

How to choose the most suitable high-temperature aluminum paint?

Choosing the right aluminum paint for high temperatures requires careful evaluation of several factors. The correct choice ensures maximum protection and durability of the metal, optimizing performance under the specific operating conditions.

Factors to consider when choosing paint

  1. Temperature range: It is essential to know the temperature range to which the coating will be exposed. Each coating has a maximum temperature limit that it can withstand without degrading. For example, ATP 851 is suitable for temperatures between 480°C and 510°C.
  2. Operating environment: Consider the environment in which the paint will be applied. Factors such as humidity, exposure to chemicals, and the presence of oxidizing agents can affect paint performance. For example, ATP R70 is effective in both oxidizing and inert environments.
  3. Mechanical properties: Assesses the mechanical properties required for the specific application, such as wear resistance, adhesion and flexibility. Paints must maintain these properties even under thermal stress.
  4. Application method: The application method can affect the choice of aluminum paint. Some coatings may require specific techniques such as spraying, dipping, or brush coating. Make sure the application method is compatible with available equipment and project requirements.
  5. Substrate compatibility: Make sure the paint is compatible with the type of aluminum used. Some aluminum alloys may react differently to various types of paint, affecting the effectiveness of the coating.

Applications of ATP Europe’s high-temperature aluminum coatings

ATP Europe’s high-temperature aluminum paints find application in various industries where extreme conditions require reliable and durable protection. In the automotive industry, for example, high-temperature resistant paints are essential for protecting engine and exhaust system components, which are often exposed to high temperatures. These paints help prevent corrosion and oxidation, improving vehicle durability and performance. Products such as ATP 851 and ATP R70 offer excellent insulating and protective properties, making them ideal for these applications.In the aerospace industries, high-temperature aluminum paints are used to protect aircraft structures and components, which must withstand extreme conditions during flight. ATP Europe’s paints, such as ATP 851, are designed to offer exceptional heat resistance, ensuring the safety and reliability of critical aircraft parts.

ATP Europe: your partner for high-temperature aluminum coatings

ATP Europe, with its years of experience in metal coatings, offers high-quality aluminum coatings that are ideal for resisting high temperatures and marking aluminum. Innovative and reliable products along with excellent customer service make ATP Europe the perfect partner for your coating needs. Contact us without obligation for more information or a quote.