Anti-corrosion coatings: innovative solutions with ATP Europe

What is corrosion and why it is important to protect your metals

Corrosion is a natural process that leads to the gradual destruction or deterioration of metals due to chemical reactions with the surrounding environment. This phenomenon can be triggered by several factors, including moisture, exposure to weathering, chemicals, and electrolysis.

Corrosion mechanisms can be divided into several types, including electrochemical corrosion, galvanic corrosion, uniform corrosion, which uniformly affects the surface of the metal, and localized corrosion, which occurs at specific locations on the metal, such as cracks or crevices. Each type of corrosion has specific mechanisms of formation and can occur under particular environmental conditions.

The economic and environmental costs of corrosion are significant. Economically, corrosion leads to substantial financial losses because of the need to replace or repair damaged structures and facilities. In addition, corrosion can cause disruptions in production and industrial processes, resulting in lost income. From an environmental point of view, corrosion can lead to soil and water contamination, adversely affecting the surrounding ecosystem.

Corrosion can affect different metals in varying ways. For example, some metals may be more susceptible to galvanic corrosion, which is a process in which two dissimilar metals, in contact and immersed in an electrolyte, form a galvanic couple that leads to an accelerated electrochemical reaction, causing corrosion of one of the metals, while others may be more susceptible to atmospheric corrosion. The choice of materials and protection techniques must take these differences into account to ensure effective protection against corrosion.

Investing in high-quality anti-corrosion coatings such as those offered by ATP Europe is essential to preserve the integrity and durability of metal structures over time.

The benefits of ATP Europe’s anticorrosive coatings

ATP Europe offers anti-corrosion coating solutions that boast a number of significant advantages over alternatives on the market. These advantages result from the combination of advanced technologies, high-quality materials and innovative processes that characterize the products of this industry-leading company.

One of the main advantages of ATP Europe’s anti-corrosion coating is its high resistance to wear and chemicals. Thanks to the advanced formulation and combination of special materials, ATP coatings are able to effectively protect metal surfaces from abrasion, erosion and the corrosive action of chemicals, providing superior durability.

In addition, ATP Europe’s anti-corrosion coatings offer high impermeability and effective weathering protection. This means that metal structures coated with ATP products are protected from phenomena such as rust, atmospheric corrosion, and oxidation, even under adverse weather conditions. This ensures longer life of the structures and reduced maintenance costs in the long run.

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Choosing the right anti-corrosive coating

When it comes to protecting metal structures from corrosion, choosing the right anti-corrosion coating is critical to ensuring long-lasting performance. This decision-making process requires careful evaluation of a number of key factors that influence the specific needs of each project.

Factors to consider when choosing anti-corrosion coating

  1. Exposure environment: The first step in selecting an anti-corrosion coating is to evaluate the environment in which the metal will be used. Weather conditions, exposure to chemicals, humidity and temperature will influence the selection of the most appropriate type of coating.
  2. Type of metal: Different metals react in different ways to corrosion and may require specific coatings. It is important to consider the type of metal to be protected and its susceptibility to corrosion.
  3. Performance requirements: Each project may have specific requirements in terms of mechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance, and aesthetic finishes. It is important to clearly identify these requirements in order to select the coating that best meets them.
  4. Application method: The availability of equipment and the complexity of the application process can influence the choice of coating. Some coatings require specialized application techniques, while others may be more versatile and easy to apply.
  5. Maintenance costs: It is important to consider the long-term maintenance costs associated with the chosen coating. Higher quality coatings may require lower maintenance costs over the life of the structure.

Below we want to give you a brief overview of ATP Europe’s metal protective coatings divided by metal of application:

  • ATP 707 for Titanium Alloys (704°C – 1010°C): Water-based ceramic coating designed to protect titanium alloys from oxidation, alpha-case and hydrogen absorption. It offers advanced protection even in extreme environments.
  • ATP 708 for Titanium Alloys (954°C – 1204°C): A ceramic coating that offers the same protections as ATP 707 with excellent performance even at higher temperatures.
  • ATP® 641 for Advanced Protection for Various Steels (538°C – 1260°C): Ceramic coating designed to protect stainless, low-alloy and carbon steels from oxidation, decarburization and oxide fouling. It offers robust protection and optimal performance even at elevated temperatures.
  • ATP 808 for Innovative Shielding for Molybdenum and Zirconium (982°C – 1260°C): Ceramic coating developed to protect molybdenum and zirconium alloys from oxidation and provide remarkable smoke resistance. It offers advanced protection even under extreme thermal conditions

Free consultation from ATP Europe experts

ATP Europe offers free consultation from its experts to assist customers in selecting the most suitable anti-corrosion coating for their specific needs. ATP’s team of experts consists of highly qualified professionals who are experts in the field of metal protective coatings.

Customized anti-corrosion coatings for each application

Another significant advantage of ATP Europe’s metal protective coatings is the ability to obtain customized solutions for each specific application. Thanks to the expertise and experience of ATP’s team of experts, customized advice and solutions can be obtained to meet the specific needs of each project. This ensures that customers get the best results in terms of anti-corrosive coatings, durability, optimal performance and reduced maintenance costs.