Exclusive ATP Distributor for Europe

CSZ Srl, located in Italy, is a prominent company serving as the exclusive distributor of Advanced Technical Products Supply Co., Inc for Europe. With a strong focus on advanced technical solutions, CSZ Srl brings a diverse range of cutting-edge products to the European market. As a trusted partner, they strive to provide exceptional customer service and reliable distribution channels to ensure the seamless supply of high-quality technical products across various industries. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, CSZ Srl is committed to meeting the unique needs of their clients and driving innovation throughout Europe.

About ATP Europe

Welcome to ATP Europe, the official distributor of Advanced Technical Products Supply Co., Inc. for Europe. We take pride in representing a company with over thirty years of experience in the high-performance coatings and lubricants industry.

Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We are dedicated to bringing a diverse range of cutting-edge products exclusively to the European market. Our customers can rely on us to deliver water-based paints and ceramic coatings developed by ATP, designed to protect, lubricate, and identify metals at high temperatures while being environmentally friendly. These coatings are formulated with a water base, making them not only effective but also sustainable.

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Reliable Partner

We understand the importance of being the sole partner in the coatings and lubricants industry. Based in Italy, in the province of Vicenza, CSZ Srl has been chosen by ATP as the exclusive distributor for Europe. This exclusive partnership is the result of a close collaboration based on trust and shared core values.