Protective Coatings for Metals

Advanced Oxidation and Decarburization Control

Oxy-Shield protective coatings stand out as an innovative and advantageous solution in the panorama of ceramic coatings for metals, providing advanced control over the oxidation and decarburization of metals. Their effectiveness is demonstrated by a series of benefits that go far beyond simple superficial protection. This type of ceramic coating, in fact, not only delays the formation of oxide scaling, guaranteeing significant economic savings, but at the same time reduces surface waste. Furthermore, these surface coatings minimize secondary finishing operations, limit the loss of precious metal, and tangibly contribute to the overall improvement in the quality of the final product.

The feature that makes the Oxy-Shield metal ceramic coating unique is its ability to prevent the diffusion of harmful gases both inside and outside the metals. This function is fundamental to protect the metal from unwanted processes, preserving its integrity and maintaining its mechanical and aesthetic properties high.

Where Can Protective Ceramic Coatings Be Used?

The application of Oxy-Shield water-based protective coatings occurs strategically before certain heat treatments, such as heating for rolling, forging, hot extrusion, and annealing. The use of ceramic coatings guarantees optimal protection from the early stages, effectively preventing damage caused by phenomena such as oxidation and decarburization.

ATP‘s Oxy-Shield protective coatings are very versatile products, by modifying the chemical composition, it is possible to apply them to a wide range of metals. Here are some examples:

  • titanium alloys
  • stainless steels
  • tool steel
  • nickel alloys
  • carbon alloys
  • light alloys
  • zirconium alloys
  • molybdenum


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How can Oxy-Shield Protective Ceramic Coatings be applied?

Oxy-Shield protective coatings offer unprecedented flexibility of use, featuring different application modes to adapt to specific production needs. The brushing application is particularly precise, ideal for artisanal work or for components with complex geometries. Immersion application, on the other hand, is extremely effective for protecting large surfaces, guaranteeing a complete and homogeneous coating.

Spraying is the most versatile application type, perfect for large-scale applications or high-speed production. Its ability to quickly cover large areas makes it ideal for industrial processes that require efficiency and reduced time. Flow coating, alternatively, guarantees a uniform distribution of the coating, and is designed for large-scale processes that require impeccable protection over the entire surface.


  • Brush CoatedBrush Coated
  • Coating DippedCoating Dipped
  • Coating SprayedCoating Sprayed
  • Flow CoatedFlow Coated

Protective Coatings for Metals

Improves Yields

Minimizes Oxide Scale

Reduces Surface Defect

Reduces Secondary Finishing

Reduces Spalls Upon Cooling

Reduces Forged-in Scale

Industry Served

  • Aerospace Industries

    ATP has developed a variety of advanced aerospace coatings tailored to enhance the performance, durability, and efficiency of aerospace components across diverse operating conditions. Our aerospace coatings effectively mitigate wear, safeguard against environmental factors, and optimize critical processes. These coatings are meticulously engineered to address challenges specific to the aerospace industry. They offer superior resistance to extreme temperatures, combat corrosion, and ensure prolonged structural integrity. Whether for aircraft fuselage, engine components, or critical mechanisms, ATP's aerospace coatings are meticulously formulated to elevate aerospace systems' overall reliability, longevity, and operational excellence. Our commitment to innovation and precision ensures that our coatings play a pivotal role in achieving peak aerospace performance.

    Aerospace Industries
  • Forging

    Advanced Technical Products’ coatings can endure the intense heat the forging process requires. Oxy-Shield Coatings are advanced, water-based, non-hazardous and cost effective metal and graphite protection systems. They are formulated to protect metals and alloys from oxidizing or contaminating atmospheres at high temperatures for extended times. The coatings prevent the diffusion of gases.

  • Foundry & Casting

    Foundries have the potential to engage with a variety of metal substances. A primary incentive for businesses within the Foundry sector to opt for Advanced Technical Products when seeking top-notch coatings lies in our ability to provide coatings capable of enduring exceptionally high temperatures. In the process of manufacturing their metallic goods, all our clients seek and deserve nothing but the utmost quality.

    Foundry & Casting
  • Heat treatments

    Heat treatments are thermal processes applied to materials such as metals and alloys to modify their physical and mechanical properties. Heat treatments of metals are performed by controlling temperatures, heating, and cooling times to achieve certain desired characteristics in the material. The goal of heat treatments of materials is to optimize the mechanical, thermal, or magnetic properties of metals to meet specific design and use needs. The applications of metal heat treatments are suitable for various tools, for example, they are used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the production of mechanical components, hardware, tools, and other metal products.

    Heat treatments
  • Titanium Industries

    ATP has developed an assortment of glass coatings designed to thermally insulate, safeguard, and offer lubrication to Titanium alloys across an extensive spectrum of temperatures. These coatings from ATP regulate the creation of alpha case, eradicate the infiltration of hydrogen, and deliver exceptional lubricating properties during the stages of forging and extrusion.

    Titanium Industries