Titanium Alloys
954°C - 1204°C

ATP 708 – an exceptional water-based ceramic coating that has been meticulously crafted to safeguard titanium alloys from the detrimental effects of oxide scale, alpha case development, and hydrogen absorption. With its advanced formulation, ATP 708 stands as a robust defense for titanium alloys, ensuring their integrity and performance even in the most challenging thermal environments.

ATP 708 has been meticulously developed to provide unparalleled protection and longevity for titanium alloys, ensuring they perform optimally even under the harshest of conditions. With its exceptional performance characteristics and versatility in application, ATP 708 emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of advanced protective coatings.



  • Improves Yields
  • No Hydrogn Penetration
  • Minimizes Surface Defect
  • Controls Alpha-Case


  • Brush CoatedBrush Coated
  • Coating DippedCoating Dipped
  • Coating SprayedCoating Sprayed
  • Flow CoatedFlow Coated
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Performance Characteristics

  • Effective temperature range 954°C - 1204°C
  • Demonstrates exceptional green strength upon proper drying to withstand cracking, chipping, and peeling
  • Excellent paintability; formulated for brushing application (can be adjusted for dipping or spraying by diluting with water – do not thin coating too much)
  • Controls hydrogen penetration
  • Controls alpha case development
  • Provides heat distribution & metal movement

Recommendations for Use

  • Thoroughly suspend and mix before use
  • Metal surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, metal oxides, and other materials
  • Coating thickness depends on the time and temperature of exposure
  • Ensure bottom coat is thoroughly dried when applying multiple coats
  • Water-based coatings need ample time to completely dry before entering furnace
  • A wet film thickness of 7 ± 3 mL should be optimal

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