Boron nitride coating with blue coloring for added visibility
Temp. range :oxidizing atmosphere – ambient - 982°C | vacuum – ambient - 1399°C | inert – ambient - 1816°C

Breakthrough Water-Based Boron Nitride Coating with Enhanced Visibility

Enhance visibility while protecting and optimizing your industrial assets with ATP®-R10B2, a cutting-edge water-based boron nitride coating. With its distinctive blue coloration, this coating not only provides outstanding performance but also ensures that your treated surfaces are easily recognizable, making it an invaluable addition to your operations.

Unmatched Protection and Value: ATP®-R10B2 is meticulously formulated as a cost-effective boron nitride anti-stick coating. Its versatile composition is designed to safeguard a wide array of materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, composites, and plastics, offering a comprehensive solution for diverse industrial applications.

Exceptional Performance Characteristics:

  • Expanded Temperature Range: ATP®-R10B2 excels across varying thermal conditions, demonstrating remarkable stability. It thrives in environments ranging from an oxidizing atmosphere at ambient temperatures up to 1800°F (982°C), to vacuum conditions up to 2550°F (1399°C), and inert conditions up to an astounding 3300°F (1816°C).
  • Generous Coverage Area: A little goes a long way with ATP®-R10B2, covering an estimated area of approximately 300-600 square feet, ensuring efficient utilization and cost-effectiveness.
  • Versatile Applications: This coating is your go-to solution for an array of applications, including release coating, protection for launders, runners, auto-pour ladles, troughs, tubes, funnels, spouts, filter bowls, boxes, caster tips, dross press heads, electrical heating elements, and even weld spatter.

Optimized Application Flexibility: Formulated for easy application, ATP®-R10B2 is designed for brushing application, ensuring precise and controlled coverage. Moreover, it offers the versatility to adapt for dipping or spraying applications through simple dilution with water. For dipping, a typical dilution ratio of 1:1 (coating:water) is recommended, while for spraying, a ratio of 2.5:1 (coating:water) is generally effective.

When it comes to protecting, enhancing visibility, and streamlining operations, ATP®-R10B2 stands at the forefront. Elevate your industrial processes with the power of advanced boron nitride technology. Choose ATP®-R10B2 for superior results that resonate beyond the surface.


  • Brush CoatedBrush Coated
  • Coating DippedCoating Dipped
  • Coating SprayedCoating Sprayed
  • Flow CoatedFlow Coated
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Performance Characteristics

  • Effective temperature range Temp. range :oxidizing atmosphere – ambient - 982°C | vacuum – ambient - 1399°C | inert – ambient - 1816°C
  • Formulated for brushing application (can be adjusted for dipping or spraying by diluting with water)
  • Demonstrates superb, high temperature lubrication

Recommendations for Use

  • Thoroughly suspend and mix before use
  • Metal surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, metal oxides, and other materials
  • Ensure bottom coat is thoroughly dried when applying multiple coats
  • Water-based coatings need ample time to completely dry before entering furnace
  • A wet film thickness of 1 mil should be optimal

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