Boron nitride paste
Temp. range :oxidizing atmosphere – ambient - 850°C | vacuum/inert – ambient - 1800°C

Advanced Water-Based Boron Nitride Lubricating Paste for High-Temperature Applications

ATP-R12 is a cutting-edge water-based lubricating paste engineered with precision for a diverse range of industrial processes. Its unique formulation, enriched with boron nitride, revolutionizes mold release, casting, ceramic hot pressing, and numerous other applications. This exceptional paste is designed to excel in extreme temperatures, making it an indispensable asset in industries where performance and reliability are paramount.

Unleash the Power of ATP-R12:

Superior High-Temperature Performance: ATP-R12 thrives in the most demanding environments. With an effective temperature range extending from ambient temperatures up to an astounding 3272°F (1800°C) in inert or vacuum conditions, and up to 1562°F (850°C) in oxidizing atmospheres, this lubricating paste remains steadfastly effective even when subjected to extreme heat.

Unmatched Anti-Sticking Agent: ATP-R12 is your solution to effortless mold release and superior anti-sticking properties. Its innovative formulation acts as a potent anti-sticking agent, enhancing the efficiency of various processes.

Elevated High-Temperature Lubrication: Discover a new dimension of high-temperature lubrication. ATP-R12 delivers unparalleled lubricating capabilities under extreme heat, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance in critical applications.

Chemically Inert and Versatile: With its chemically inert nature, ATP-R12 is highly compatible with various materials and substances. It exhibits exceptional resistance to molten metals, weld splatter, molten salts, braze alloys, and glass, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance even in the most challenging environments.

Longevity and Stability: ATP-R12’s remarkable stability ensures an extended shelf life, saving you time and resources. Its formulation is meticulously crafted to maintain its effectiveness over time, delivering consistent results whenever you need them.

Tailored Application: ATP-R12 is designed for ease of use. Its unique formulation is perfect for brushing application, facilitating precise and controlled coverage. For alternate application methods such as dipping or spraying, ATP-R12 can be effortlessly adjusted by diluting with deionized water, although caution is advised against excessive thinning to maintain coating effectiveness.

Applications Beyond Boundaries:

  • Mold release
  • Casting
  • Ceramic hot pressing
  • Decanning for hot isostatic pressing
  • Composite forming
  • Glass forming
  • Superplastic forming of titanium
  • Diffusion bonding
  • Extrusions
  • Braze stop-off applications

ATP-R12 represents a leap forward in high-temperature lubrication and protection. Unleash its capabilities across a multitude of applications and experience the next level of efficiency, reliability, and performance. Trust ATP-R12 to redefine what’s possible in the realm of extreme-temperature industrial processes.



  • Brush CoatedBrush Coated
  • Coating DippedCoating Dipped
  • Coating SprayedCoating Sprayed
  • Flow CoatedFlow Coated
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Performance Characteristics

  • Effective temperature range Temp. range :oxidizing atmosphere – ambient - 850°C | vacuum/inert – ambient - 1800°C
  • Formulated for brushing application (can be adjusted for dipping or spraying by diluting with water)
  • Excellent stability for improved shelf life
  • Coverage area = approx. 300 600 ft2
  • Demonstrates superb, high temperature lubrication
  • Resistance to molten metals, weld splatter, molten salts, braze alloys, and glass
  • Anti sticking agent

Recommendations for Use

  • Coating thickness depends on the time and temperature of exposure
  • Ensure bottom coat is thoroughly dried when applying multiple coats
  • Die-casting operations, metal troughs, molds, dross buggies, funnels, stalk tubes, immersion tubes, ladles, skimmers, shot screens, etc.
  • All surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, metal oxides, and other materials
  • Some mixing may be required
  • A wet film thickness of 15 ± 20 mils should be optimal
  • WARNING: Do not contact wet layers /coatings with molten metal

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