Protects metals, glass, ceramics, composites, and plastics
Temp. range :oxidizing atmosphere – ambient - 982°C | vacuum – ambient - 1399°C | inert – ambient - 1816°C

A water-based, economical boron nitride anti-stick coating formulated to protect metals, glass, ceramics, composites, and plastics.



  • release coating
  • launders and runners
  • auto-pour ladles
  • troughs and tubes
  • funnels and spouts
  • filter bowls, boxes
  • caster tips
  • dross press heads
  • electrical heating elements
  • weld spatter


  • Brush CoatedBrush Coated
  • Coating DippedCoating Dipped
  • Coating SprayedCoating Sprayed
  • Flow CoatedFlow Coated
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Performance Characteristics

  • Effective temperature range Temp. range :oxidizing atmosphere – ambient - 982°C | vacuum – ambient - 1399°C | inert – ambient - 1816°C
  • Effective up to 0.025” case depth or greater with multiple coats
  • Coverage area = approx. 300 600 ft2

Recommendations for Use

  • Thoroughly suspend and mix before use
  • Coating thickness depends on the time and temperature of exposure
  • Ensure bottom coat is thoroughly dried when applying multiple coats
  • Water-based coatings need ample time to completely dry before entering furnace
  • Die-casting operations, metal troughs, molds, dross buggies, funnels, stalk tubes, immersion tubes, ladles, skimmers, shot screens, etc.
  • All surfaces must be free of dirt, oil, grease, metal oxides, and other materials
  • A wet film thickness of 3 ± 1 mils should be optimal

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