Marking/Identification Paint
175ºC - 1024°C

Metal Mark-105 is an exceptional marking and identification solution meticulously engineered for extreme conditions.
With its extraordinary temperature resistance, user-friendly application, and exceptional technical specifications, it stands as a dependable solution that will leave a lasting mark, even in the most challenging environments. Trust Metal Mark-105 to meet and exceed your expectations.

Key Features of the Metal Mark-105 Series:

  • Generic Type: Water-based, ensuring environmental compatibility and ease of application.
  • Color Palette: Available in a spectrum of vibrant colors, including White, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red, to guarantee clear and conspicuous markings.

Exceptional Temperature Endurance:

Metal Mark-105 effortlessly withstands the harshest of conditions:

  • Continuous Resistance: It maintains its integrity at an impressive 2200ºF (1204ºC) without compromise.
  • Intermittent Resistance: Even during sporadic exposure, it upholds its performance at 2200ºF (1204ºC).
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Performance Characteristics

  • Effective temperature range 175ºC - 1024°C
  • Instant curing at 350ºf (175ºc)

Recommendations for Use

  • A wet film thickness of 4 ± 6 mils should be optimal

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